k’s QOTD: On Poly-Archie


me: “…of course i believe in polyamory. i grew up reading archie comics.”

she: “……”


relationships: ur doin it rong

john cusack holding a radio in say anything movie

say what?

the other day my friend J said to me:

“if you are in love and you don’t feel like you are making a complete fool of yourself then you’re not doing it right.”

i don’t know if that’s right, but it certainly feels true.

why i can’t blog


SHE: you should be writing

ME: i know i know
but my … brain
it hates me

SHE: no negative talk/thoughts/chat

ME: right right
well uhm
my brain is SO FULL of awesomeness
sometimes its overwhelming and hard to focus… so i sleep.
thats better, right?

SHE: yes

ME: hahaha