f-yeah a-ha moments

11th hour ideas are always bittersweet.

boy with good idea


you may bask in the glory of your success. you may marvel about how you are a genius and wave passerby over to marvel with you. (hey! party in my cubicle! there’s cake!)

party cake

party time. excellent.

someone needs to call the huffington post or anderson cooper right now because this unprecedented feat of awesome right here needs to be documented.

people from different departments are standing in the hallway pointing at you and whispering “that’s the one! that’s the one who [insert awesome thing here]” before they shyly amble over and join the listening party.  you are  regaling them with the story of your awesomeness and the speakerphone conference call from the CEO who no one has ever actually seen in person made just to congratulate YOU. everyone laughs at the punchline of your jokes. you have never been more charismatic. (is the camera crew for the office newsletter here yet? put on some lipstick.)

vintage lady photographer

be sure to get my good side, sister

you’re hi-fiving, the accolades are collecting in your in-box. steve from accounting hands you a slice of sheet cake. that hottie you see with the yogamat in the elevator but can never muster up the courage to say more than “hi” to  is leaning over your cubicle wall. you notice in your monitor screen the rosy glow that basking in awesome has given you. and you smile. this is your romance novel ending.


there is a part of you that wonders how much better this idea would have/could have been had you thought of it say, three weeks ago.

you feel a teeny tiny bit like a fraud.

sad puppy

[insert secret sadface here]


is there a style of meditation that you can look into to tap into this core, say at the 8th hour perhaps? or at least in enough time to do a revision or two?

[ask the hottie from the elevator what style yoga they do. wink wink.]

pretty woman holding yoga mat


the glory of the 11th hour idea is its own miraculous nature. don’t go looking a gift-idea in the mouth. nay! and whats the  big idea calling it a “gift”? those sleepless nights you spent tossing and turning (or drinking) and nail-biting and wondering WTFAMIGONNADOOOOODEARGOD is certainly just as stressful, if not more so, than sitting at a monitor toiling and toiling away.

woman biting pencil

the best part about 11th hour ideas  is that in the end, not only are you awesome but you make it look easy. the worst part about making it look easy is that people may actually think that it is. the last thing you want is for your boss/parents/potential co-signers to think that you are bullshitting them. granted, the level of bullshit depends on how awesome your execution is. but obviously 11th hour execution is part of your magic.

magic hat

..and for my next trick: Q3 reports!

you could make that work for you. “I Specialize in Awesome 11th Hour Ideas”

thumbs up

website tagline: done

but the thing about 11th hour ideas is they come as just as much as a surprise to you as they do to everyone else. perhaps tony robbins has a book about how to harness this energy? if not, he should.

awaken the giant within

i love this guy

or YOU should. “Tapping Into You Innate Accidental Awesomeness” written by: you.

i’d buy that shit. i’d want you and tony robbins to be my life coach.

but for now it’s a celebration. frame that email from your boss. steve from accounting just bought everyone a round of shots. that bitch with the cat posters who sits across from you looks more sour in the face than usual. yoga hottie just pulled up a stool next to you. tonight, is your night.

tomorrow morning you’ll start writing the great american self-help book…

or… you know, eventually.